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Leishmania vaccine | Vaccination Leishmania | Vaccination Leishmaniasis
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Leishmania vaccine

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The threat of canine leishmaniasis

Sure you know the dog of a friend who has had Leishmania (mosquito disease) yourself or maybe you had a dog with this disease earlier.

Unfortunately it is a widespread disease in the whole area of ​​the Baix Llobregat, and dogs out for a walk in the mountains or live in gardens, they are much more exposed. Until now we could only put the collar scalibur each 6 months as repellent, advantix pipette and having only 15 days of effectiveness against mosquitoes. As you know, no repellent is effective to 100%, vaccines as neither are. Thus, repellents and combining vaccine is the best weapon against leishmaniasis. A very serious disease, where any leftover barrier.

Canine leishmaniasis is a serious parasitic disease that can be fatal and is caused by the parasite Leishmania infection. This parasite is transmitted to dogs by bites from infected insects a, sandflies, like mosquitoes.

Its symptoms include fever, hair loss (especially around the eyes), weight loss, skin ulcers and abnormal nail growth. Dogs can also suffer from anemia, arthritis and severe renal failure that can cause death. Current treatments only help control symptoms, but not cure the disease.

The season begins with the heat danger, normally from the month of May and reduces their impact with the arrival of cold.

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It is estimated that in southwestern Europe there 2,5 million infected dogs. The regions and countries of the Mediterranean basin pose a high risk to dogs and why they should all be vaccinated. Now, the disease is spreading from southern Europe to the north due to climate change and the increasing number of people traveling with their dogs.

Despite the availability of repellent sprays, pipettes and necklaces (scalibur), leishmaniasis remains a major threat in Europe. Some infected dogs can eliminate the infection or remain infected without developing symptoms.

Dogs without symptoms can transmit the infection to other dogs, because they make carriers. There is already in Europe the first vaccine against canine leishmaniasis (Leishmania vaccine), after 20 Years of research, this vaccine eficazmente prevents the canine leishmaniosis. The vaccine can be given from six months of age: full vaccination program consists of three administered doses three week intervals and provides extended internal defense against disease. Only annual boosters are required to maintain immune protection dog.

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In Hostal Pets will help to put this important vaccine. For this, when you come to vaccinate the leishmania, perform:

An immediate test in the query, Blood, free, to ensure that the animal is not a carrier of the disease

If the test is negative, ponemos la dosis de la vacuna

After an annual remembrance is done in a single dose

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