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Boarding Kennels Barcelona | Residence Pets | Dogs | Animals
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Residencia Canina

Recreation Area

– In the park in Barcelona our kennel your pet will enjoy two rides a day in an environment surrounded by shady trees.

– Dogs are selected by nature to share rides, except in specific cases such as female in heat or individuals little social.

– Under the supervision of specialist staff in canine behavior.


Stay on the top of the range is included: Purina Proplan, as well as 2 daily walks, individual box with an insulated kennel for each pet and hygiene of the area in which it is. Also, We perform a free vet check each pet the first time they visit us.


We have two sizes of rooms according to the needs of each individual.

* CHENIL DE 8 m2 – All sizes of dog.

* CHENIL DE 6 m2 (small dog / medium): medium or small couples.

* Chenil indoor GATOS: 18,50 EURO / DAY

In all types of chenille cleaning is included throughout the day, two rides daily, food, water and any care that sets your pet.

Las salidas de residencia deben ser por la mañana (9-13h). En caso de salida por la tarde, se cobrará medio dia extra, por no poder ocupar el box esa noche.

Para estancias de 15 days, se realizará un baño gratuito a la salida de residencia (excepto razas de pelo largo tipo Samoyedo, San bernardo, Pastor alemán, Husky,etc..

– 2 large dogs sharing the same box: 31,50 €/dia

– 2 small-medium dogs (-20 kg) sharing the same box: 27 €/dia

– 3 dogs in the same box: 43 €/dia

– The senior dog breed “barge” (bulldogs…): 21,50 €/dia (in cooler area in summer and winter special attention)


– Perro oversize (above 20 kg aprox.): 21,50 €/dia

– Dog small-medium size (up 20 kg aprox): 18,50 €/dia

– Cat: 18,50 €/dia



MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9 A 13 AND 17 A 19:30 H.



(closed to the public all local and national holidays)


The requirements to accept your pet in residence are:

  • be with vaccination per day of infectious diseases
  • have the microchip as its name

If any of these requirements are not met, be vaccinated or put the microchip to enter residence, an 10% off, in our veterinary clinic.

Why choose Hostal Pets
  • I think high-end. The house I Proplan Nestlé Purina-. In case of food intolerances the other feeds to your pet with medicated feed, you must take to stay, avoiding digestive problems in residence.
  • Boxes individuales. Except for two dogs that belong to the same owner; share in that situation stay.
  • Stand isothermal. All have isothermal kennels carbon fiber shed, which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Cleaning and disinfection. The floors are non-slip tiles for further disinfect them and all our facilities have individual drains.
  • Desparasitación. At the entrance all dogs are wormed externally and this process is repeated weekly for the duration of your stay. Still should wear protection from home, the pipette type collar antiparasitic.
  • 24 hours at your service. Monitoring 24 veterinary care hours and offer the best guarantees for a free stay.
  • It is recommended to bring some kind of toy to entertain at home and as a reminder of home.


24 h at your service

Home collection service, always previously agreed.

All guests must be appropriately identified by microchip and vaccinations up to date (have veterinary clinic where you can update your vaccines and identification of your pet, for your convenience and an added discount 10%)

Monitoring 24 hours and our veterinary care offer the best guarantees for a free stay.


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