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Oral Cleanliness Dogs


Bad breath? Campaign hygiene and dental health


If your dog has a very strong and unpleasant breath, can be a symptom of a health problem and especially suffering from dental problems

Mouth normally contains bacteria, but if they fast, tend to form the "plate". If this plaque is not, Your dog may develop:

– Bad breath

– Red, swollen gums (gingivitis), bleeding gums

– Sarro

– Tooth loss

– Difficulty chewing (the periodontitis produce pain in boca, causing the animal to have less appetite, specially the pienso you like)


When bacteria have proliferated, can access the blood through inflamed gums and cause a serious infection in important organs such as:

– Heart: endocarditis and myocardial degeneration

– Kidneys: nefritis

– Lungs: pulmonary fibrosis

– Liver: hepatitis

– Central nervous system: meningitis


What Can I Do?

The good news is that we can prevent and treat periodontal disease, with:

– Periodical surveys of dental health

– Good hygiene practices at home: toothbrushing, stimulating feed or mastication vetaquadent use in drinking water

Early detection and appropriate action, can prevent tooth loss and serious injuries to internal organs.


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Remember that teeth cleaning is performed under anesthesia, thus, is important to perform an analytical check before anesthesia, in order to minimize anesthetic risk.

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