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Vaccination in Dogs

the importance of vaccination in pets

Why is it so important vaccination in dogs?


Target: protect the animal from disease.

Mechanism of Action: The vaccine stimulates the immune system for the production of antibodies (defenses that protect the animal against a possible infection).


Recommended vaccinations:

• Moquillo
• Hepatitis infecciosa
• Parvovirus

• Herpesvirus
• Coronavirus

• Leptospirosis
• Rabia (mandatory under the law of each autonomous community)

• Kennel Cough (Bordetella bronquiseptica)




1. What my dog ​​beef?
There are numerous vaccines, but not all are'd need in all animals. The vet will establish a more appropriate vaccination program in each case assessing lifestyle Dog, the incidence and severity of diseases, the duration of protection ...

2. How often?
2 years old, 1 year, months ... protection period varies depending on the vaccine. The veterinary establish the best immunization schedule.

3. Is A vaccination?
Exceptionally there may be mild adverse reactions that reverse in one or two days ( prostration, decreased appetite, mild pain, o ligera hinchazón).
Although vaccination is not without risks small, lack of it leaves the animal vulnerable to any disease and the consequences can be much more severe.

4. My dog ​​is very old, Is it necessary to vaccinate?
Contrary to what we might think, geriatric age a dog is not resistant to diseases and therefore they should be immunized. At this age the body has difficulty to defend against attacks by microorganisms due to aging of the immune system and need outside help, Vaccination is the best solution.

Beware of intestinal parasites!
Their presence reduces vaccine efficacy. Dewormed before vaccination.

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