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Sterilization Campaign FAAD | Dogs Barcelona Sterilization Campaign
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Sterilization Campaign FAAD 2014

Faada am responsible

Like every year Hostal Pets campaign adheres to the veterinary staff to reduce the price of sterilizations of: cat, cat, dog and bitch (hasta 25kg), just to make it easier, in these difficult economic times, sterilization access and identification of our pets.

Due to such a small price, and the lack of government support, without any subsidies, during the period of 3 March to 30 May 2015, sterilization of pets to join this campaign will be conducted (for which it is essential to maintain or put the microchip at the time of surgery), priced at cost. Therefore excluded from the campaign bitches over 25kg.

Our goal is to promote the social work of sterilizing our pets, to curb animal abandonment, but by using a complex anesthesia, that gives us more confidence in the OR(con gases), our costs do not allow us to operate over bitches 25 kg, the amount proposed FAADA (220€).


For you: because you will save hassle and money in the future

arrow iconPara tu Animal: because they enjoy better physical and psychological health

arrow iconFor the canine and feline species: that give maintain control of the population and reduce abandonment

arrow iconFor protective entities: because you help reduce the entry of animals in shelters and reception centers

arrow iconFor society: abandoned animals that may pose a danger to themselves and to the people, because it generates a public expenditure management and for promoting respect for living beings dignifies us as individuals




– Ready: 90€

– Cat: 60€

– Dog: 120€

– Female dog < 20 kg: 170€

– Bitch 20-25kg: 190€

Learn more by calling 93 516 02 05 o en www.socresponsable.org

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