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Sterilization and castration in pets
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Sterilization and castration in pets

neutering pets

Benefits of spaying and neutering PET


Spaying females in pets, involves removing the entire female reproductive, namely, uterus and ovaries. Castration in male pets, involves removing the testicles.

The main benefits of spaying and neutering pets are in the following:

1- Increase life expectancy:

Are the most frequently performed surgical mascotas.Con our sterilization avoids possible diseases, tumors such as.

  • In females, prevents infections in the uterus (piometra), uterine tumors and ovarian cysts, besides recurrent vaginitis. Eliminates "psychological pregnancy” (Bitch has breast milk 2 months after the heat) and mastitis.

    It also prevents breast tumors, and eliminates STDs, important in cats.

  • In males, prevents prostate problems and other diseases.

    Many males with problems "testicles drop", namely, 1 testes is not in the scrotum, but in the abdomen or groin. These testes, become lumpy over the years, so it is absolutely necessary to castrate.

2- Remove behavioral problems:


Focus attention inside your home and outside it, remove "sexual anxiety" regulated by testosterone. So, decrease the instinct to assemble and escape attempts. Uncastrated male will try to escape after a female in heat; if they escape may be trampled, injured in fights with other dogs and cats, or they can easily lose.

A neutered dog will protect your home and family like a dog not neutered, and even that will not be distracted by a female.


Bitches bleed and attract males over long distances. Its strong instinct of procreation are forced to try to escape to achieve.

Cats do not bleed but may have the heat every 21 days, so meow constantly to attract the male, which can be very annoying at home and our neighbors.

Avoid unwanted pregnancies, breeds and crosses unexpected difficult to give away puppies today.

3- More hygiene at home:

In males, operation with a simple marking with urine is reduced; in females, also, the possibility of spotting caused by heat is removed (in the case of the bitches).


When is the best time to do surgery?

In males it is recommended that before reaching the "puberty", therefore, near the 6 months. Many more benefits if made before 1 year old, later, because otherwise, is the "memory" effect in the male, due to the alteration of the character by testosterone: primarily conducts urine marking and aggression. If we make between castration 6-7 months, the male does not develop behavior problems or aggression toward other males Dominance problems with owners.

In the case of females, It is scientifically proven that females spayed before the 2nd heat, have only a 6% likely to develop breast tumors. This is a very common disease in dogs, the 50% of them develop breast tumors, and many are malignant. Therefore, surgery is recommended. In the case of cats, the 99% breast tumor, son malignos.

All operations were performed under general anesthesia gases, ensuring rapid recovery and minimal anesthetic risk. After surgery, the animal is completely recovered in just two or three days.

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