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Ask Puppy Needs Teaching

"You have to scrub the NOSE IN YOUR DOG pee"

To your puppy has "escaped" him pee in the kitchen floor, the carpet in the room or under the bed of children. Your first reaction is to scold him as he restriegas nose in his pee or poop. In this post about teaching make your puppy needs.


puppy needs to teach

To better understand:

This punishment, which aims to teach your puppy to be clean, is useless, even counterproductive. However, it is a way of acting widespread, it is based on a simple misunderstanding: "We believe that what seems to us it is also unpleasant for our dog".

In the wild dog, that is carnivorous, ingested commonly, without showing any displeasure, their own feces when young and, later, including other. Moreover, Dogs like to sniff the urine of conspecifics, is the way it has to inform each other about their identity and sex.

Place your puppy's nose in their own excrement is in no way a punishment for him.


Did you know ...?

With punishment, your dog risks associate your anger with their droppings. So the next time look for a place away from your eyes and hide his remains (behind the cabinet or door) or perhaps hold until you see your ...


What can you do?

Be patient with this problem! We know it's hard work and get tired, cost to have patience with what you find at home ...

As a small child, the puppy is not psychologically capable of retaining their long deletions: "accidents" in the house are, therefore, normal in this age. Even the 6 old can befall.

If you find a spot of pee at home, say nothing and ignore the puppy in the presence. I take it out for a walk taking care not to show any sign of anger; after, to return, place it in another room to clean the stain without the presence.

If you look at home will turn on itself before bending, interrúmpele with a "no" energetic and take him to a suitable location (garden, street,..) As soon as the dog has done its business, felicítale with a large sonrisa, a caress and a word. As with any learning.



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