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Dysplasia in Dogs | Dysplasia Dogs | Canine hip dysplasia
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Dysplasia In Dogs


Dysplasia in Dogs


What is?

Dysplasia in dogs is an abnormal development of hip joint degeneration reaching the surfaces of bones that articulate. The head of the thigh bone (femur) does not fit into the cavity of the pelvic bone (coxal) and this causes inflammation and weakness.


The Keys To Know her:


1. Question of genetic factors and more ...

It is a hereditary disease and therefore need convincing that it is appropriate not to allow the reproduction of animals affected. When a dog is genetically predisposed to developing dysplasia, some environmental factors, as excessive exercise or nutritional, as overfeeding during development, determine the onset of symptoms.


2. How do I know my dog ​​suffers from hip dysplasia?

Before the age of 6 a 8 months when the dog has difficulty walking, jumps up the stairs. Among this age and 10 a 12 months aprecen symptoms of pain and lameness is manifested in one or both hind limbs. Sometimes, to the age of one year improvement is noticed, reaching the symptoms disappear but not the source of the problem. Subsequently lameness may recur and evolve into osteoarthritis. El animal, and adult, submit a motion "duck" with short steps, rises with difficulty and costs jump.

The veterinarian can confirm if it really is a dysplasia radiographically.


3. Dysplasia has a solution

Anti-inflammatory treatments relieve pain and improve functionality. It is essential to inquire with the vet to assess the evolution and the possibility of normal life with treatment or surgery.

Hip dysplasia is considered a crippling vice.

Thus the buyer called the hidden defects if any known, in this case of a puppy, would not have produced the commercial transaction. So the buyer is entitled to a claim under the law.

Breeds predisposed: Rotweiller, Pastor Alemán y Golden Retriever.

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