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Day of surgery at the clinic Hostal Pets
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Day of surgery at the clinic Hostal Pets

day surgery Hostal Pets



In clinical


I ask you to choose us with your pet between 9:00- 9:30h to our, on materialized. The animal should be fasting the night before, namely, read give to eat, and from 21h you can no longer eat anything else. Water can leave the.

Upon arrival to the center, firmareis el anesthetic consent, I ask where maximum information about your animals; if you have a disease, If you take any medication, the other has suffered from seizures.

You are important to us all this information facilitéis, since it varies depending on our anesthetic protocol.

I also ask for your details and call a phone number where, once the surgery to discuss how it went.

We explain the importance of performing a preanesthetic analytical, which tells us the state of our animal, and so enter with maximum security to the operating room. This analytic is optional but highly recommended, because it allows us to know the actual state of health of our animal.

Let us do the analytical prequirúrgica. As Hostal Pets have own laboratory, We carry all the same day of surgery and so do not have that equipment moves twice to our.

The results we immediately, and if everything is correct, proceed with the preparation of the animal for entering the operating room.

A pet will shave a little a leg to put the catheter, where will administer the necessary drugs: sedatives, antibiotics, analgesics and fluid therapy.

When the pet is properly sedated, go into OR, raparemos the area you operate and desinfectaremos. Then begins operation. Depending on the type of surgery will vary the time of surgery.

Just outside the operating room, the pet goes to the ward, which controls the process of "awakening anesthetic" is correct.

After completion of surgery, and when the pet is awake we call you to discuss how it went all, and tell you the time that you can come to pick.

In most surgeries are not required overnight hospitalization, so that afternoon I will carry it home.

About 18-19h you will come to pick, and be in that moment that I will explain the medication that you will have to give at home.

The same day of the surgery you will not have to do anything to your pet, since medication and cures will have made us the. You will begin to give the medication the day after surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery the animal may need to wear the Elizabethan collar or hood, until the day that we remove the points, but since, the pet lick the points and even could get to remove the.



At home


On the day of surgery the animal can eat, You may vomit from the anesthetic and that is more sleepy than usual. This is normal.

In the case of female sterilization, is very common that our pet will not eat the day of surgery and is flagging the same day and the next.

It is important that the animal is keeping quiet and rest the day of surgery and depending on the intervention, also several subsequent days.

Review the 10 days


At 10 days after surgery, 'll stay remove points and perform a review, and if all is well, and will give the high and will remove the hood. The process of removing points is included in the cost of surgery.


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