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Canine Behavior | Behavior of Dogs
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Canine Behavior

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Canine Behavior

Special Instructions


Good communication gets a good relationship


As the crowd, good relationships between dogs and people rely on good communication. Dogs communicate between them through body signals. You are normal, therefore, using the same method to communicate with people.

Your responsibility as a dog owner is to learn to interpret these Señales. This will allow you to teach your puppy or dog the proper way to tell you what you need or want, either food, leave, jugar o… Receive pampering!



Social skills are not just for humans!


One of the most important lessons your puppy or dog should learn is that ne-cesita sit before interacting with you or any other human being. You can easily teach a puppy or adult dog to sit. Dogs learn at any age, long as the lessons are repeated often enough and are short and fun.


Step 1

To begin with, gets some special food for the puppy or dog (cheese, paté…) and hold it between the fingers of one hand.

Put this hand near the muzzle of your pet.

Step 2

Raise your hand over her muzzle and back. Your dog's head will move following the award.

Your dog will sit, because it is the most comfortable position.

Step 3

As soon as you do, dile “siéntate” o “sit” y dale su premio.

Since dogs always associate what they are doing with what we do at once, your dog will associate the action of sitting with the word "sit" or "sit" and the prize – in this case the prize is food.


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Good behavior should be rewarded


Parents often forget to praise their children when they behave well; however, almost never forget to tell them when they are misbehaving. Tend With our pets do the same. Ignore them when they remain silent and well-behaved, and only pay attention to them when they behave inappropriately. It is always better to do the opposite and praise – and reward – good behavior and ignore the bad.


The misconduct must be ignored…


Dogs, as individuals, are social beings and they need to interact with other, so the ignore them is a very good passive punishment. For example, If your dog makes you legs, cross your arms, look away and remain absolutely silent until you stop jumping. No intention ing him away, look at him or talk. Interpret any of these actions as attention, or to set. When your pet finally feels, award from your full attention.

One, past, you let your dog get your attention barking or jumping on you, you should know that if you decide to ignore future occasions such conduct, your dog will try harder to get that care lost. An analogy in human terms would be a person who persistently pressed the elevator button over and over again without getting the doors open until it finally gives up and walks away. To achieve successful change your dog's behavior, you should ignore (and resist) all their efforts.


…or interrupted


Dogs respond to eye contact. Call your puppy or dog's name. As soon as you look, you should reward him. Repeating this simple action anytime teach your pet to worth paying attention to you when spoken. De facto, call by name is an effective way to disrupt, thereby eliminating, unwanted conduct.

Another form of interrupt is emit a strange sound. Once your dog is paying attention to you, You can call or ask you to sit.

The game also requires training!


Both puppies and dogs need exercise and play and need to have contact and interact with people and other dogs. We must teach them to play only with toys, and must learn that hands, feet or any other part of the human body are not toys. If your dog bites a hand or foot, intentional or accidental, such behavior should be interrupted either ignoring him or emitting a high frequency sound such as a augh!. As soon as you release, offer him a large or continuous game toy.


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