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Cat Behavior | Behavior of Cats
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Feline Behavior


Special Care Instructions


Some key issues


Cats are, nowadays, the most popular pet in North America and many European countries, but for a long time were not considered as pets.

Today this is no longer true. Although very different from dog, Cat also need interaction and most importantly, Your love! When you decide to take a cat to you, you should consider if you live in or if you're going to leave to go outside.

In both situations there are advantages and disadvantages. Cats that roam freely are more prone to illness and have a life expectancy much shorter, as they can be hit by a car, attacked by other animals, and are more exposed to internal and external parasites like fleas, worms and mites. Conversely, if tu cat never ventured outside the al Salir, you must provide greater physical and mental stimulation, including interaction with you, exercise, scrapers and toilet area. Whatever decision you make, are following a simple instructions to control the behavior of cats can be assured that harmony reigns in your home and your cat environment.


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Play helps your cat stay healthy and happy


Make sure your kitten or cat enjoys lots of interesting games and challenges to meet their natural instincts and provide him with an intense activity.

Look it throw the toys that you will fly – there are many available – he might want to "hunt", pursue the capture. Some cats love to chase moving light reflections, when they are pro-duced by mirrors or flashes. You can also attach a ball of aluminum foil to a long rubber band and tie it to your waist or hip. As you move, tu cat if it had passed in great interacting with you trying to "catch" the ball. Make sure the rubber is long enough that kitty does not accidentally hitch Paw. You should try to spend at least one daily session 15 minute interactive play with your cat, especially if left alone often.


Make sure you have a good scraper


Scratching is something the cat does naturally. An instinctive act that begins in kittens at age 5 weeks. Scratching allows cats to leave chemical and visual signals, among other functions, serve as a "message" to other cats and animals. However, what is normal for a cat, becomes a big problem for us if he starts scratching furniture and carpets. If this happens you can cover or remove the item or use protectors that stick to nails cat. Unfortunately, These protectors must be cut and replaced after one month, and some cats do not tolerate.

However, There is an easier and more practical solution is to give your kitten a specific place to scratch her nails, usually a pole. Following the reputation of cats, see that your kitten or cat can be a bit picky when it comes to choosing the squeegee that you wear like.

  • Not all commercially available wipers are equally attractive to cats.
  • The scrapers that some cats seem acceptable to them have a board of sisal, madonna conglomerate.
  • The most important features are a scraper that is taller than the cat when he stands on his hind legs, that is strong enough to not tip over and is located in a conspicuous and easily accessible place.

The scraper should not be changed while the cat site use. The more scratching and worst aspect is having, more like you and your cat will use it, instead of your furniture.


Cats also appreciate a clean facilities!


Cats are very demanding creatures so give your pet a grooming area clean and easily accessible help minimize any problem with the sandbox. Cats generally prefer odorless sand boxes, soft and soft touch. Some cats like to urinate in one box and defecate in another. So the ideal number of cases per two serious cat. However, in a house with two cats, should be three litter boxes placed on different floors or different rooms. Do not place litter boxes in places where loud equipment such as boilers or washing machines, Cats prefer silence. Remove feces (and urine if you use a bonded sand) daily.

Wash boxes with water and mild soap once a week if you use a non-bonded sand and once a month if you use bonded sand. The stool outside the box can occur for various reasons, some diseases being the most common. If you suspect your cat may be suffering from any of these diseases or detect urinating outside the box, contact for diagnosis and to establish the most appropriate treatment.


Sprayed with urine marking


Spraying or urine marking is a normal behavior in cats with intact sexual organs, and in castrated males or spayed females. In fact, a 10% of them males and 5% Adult females cat spread it on a regular basis. Spread the urine is often associated with the presence of other cats (both inside and outside the house) or other stresses, such as changes in the cat's environment itself (a new family member, pet baby, or perhaps a change in the amount of time that the cat is left alone), it can cause stress. Sprinkle the urine may be the way your cat communicates your stress. There is treatment for it, contact us.


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