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Veterinary Clinic | Veterinary Barcelona | Veterinarian at Home
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Veterinary Clinic

Your Veterinary Clinic

  • Visits, Vaccines, Reviews, Microchips official veterinary certificates, Internal medicine, Dermatology.
  • Traumatology and Ophthalmology.
  • Surgery and laboratory analysis, High quality digital radiography, Sonograms, Clinics, Control of Leishmania, Control and feline immunodeficiency Leukemia, Geriatric Controls.
  • We have own laboratory to perform the necessary analysis when analytical.
  • Area monitoring hospitalization.
  • Operating room fully equipped to carry out operations under general anesthesia gases, in the safest way possible. Besides monitoring of anesthesia.

Let check your pet during the stay

Take your pet's stay to make a vet check, for immunization, to perform a analytical control your health or analytical early detection of leishmania.

We have laboratory equipment for blood tests at the Centre.

Visits to our veterinary center for cats and dogs Pet residence or nonresident. For your convenience and to avoid waiting, recommend visiting appointment request.

In our veterinary residency personal attention and monitoring of patient outcomes after surgery visit and offered, well as reminders to owners of annual vaccination.

For your convenience and to avoid the stress of your pet, is provided Home Veterinary Service.

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