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Brushing Pet Teeth | Brushing Dogs Teeth
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Brushing Pet Teeth

brushing teeth dogs

Brushing Teeth in Pets 5 steps

The 80% Dogs over three years suffer gum disease, caused by lack of daily oral hygiene. Brushing teeth in pets is the best way to prevent plaque. But the dog needs to get used very gradually and make sure you learn to experience.

1. Enter pasta, specific dog

Wash your hands and put some pasta on the index finger. Let the dog lick finger pulp.

2. Accustom the dog to mouth contact

With a finger dipped in batter, traverse the surface of the teeth, rubbing gently and reaches only as far as you allow the dog.

3. Introduction brush

Prepare the brush with water and toothpaste. Let your dog lick some toothpaste Brush. Begin brushing gently fangs only: vertical motions and toothbrush with angled gumline the, take the brush from the gum to the end of the tooth. At this stage, avoid brushing the incisors as they are the most sensitive area of ​​the mouth.

4. Posterior teeth

Begin as in the previous stage and then gently advancing the posterior teeth by the canines, in a circular motion. Reach only as far as the dog is comfortable.

5. Full Brushing

Complete step 4 and then hold the dog's mouth to keep her mouth shut and lift the upper lip gently, with index and thumb encircling the snout, to discover the incisors. Many dogs are sensitive and can sneeze when they brush. Gently brush the front teeth by vertical movements (As with canines). Gradually, increase the duration of brushing. For maximum protection, you have to brush your teeth every day.



Simpler alternatives exist brushing, such as chewable bars, offering direct benefits to your dog's oral hygiene and help keep their teeth clean and healthy. When choosing a product for oral hygiene, one must look levels labeling declared plaque reduction, and scientifically proven active ingredients.

Thanks to its special texture and active ingredients help to clean the surface of the teeth and reduce tartar formation, preventing the risk of periodontal disease.

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