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Osteoarthritis Dogs | Dog Osteoarthritis
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Osteoarthritis Dogs


Symptoms of osteoarthritis Dogs

Joint pain causes symptoms that are easily identified:

• The dog limp or walk with difficulty
• You can not get up normally
• You can not go up or down stairs, not only raise or lower the car.
• less active displays and interacts less with its owner: for example, stop playing.
• the joint that hurts is continually licking.


What about a dog with osteoarthritis?


1. Chronic disease
Osteoarthritis can not be cured, but if the animal is treated can lead a normal life.

2. Reduce pain
The key point of treatment is pain control. Numerous analgesics, generation but produce very few side effects and are very comfortable management protocols.

3. Lose weight
Another key issue is that the animal remains at your ideal weight. An arthritic dog overweight much worse it will, because their joints suffer more.

4. Joint protection
There are diets and complementary foods that help repair damaged joints and prevent further deterioration.

5. Exercise
The controlled activity, which is possible only when the pain is reduced or eliminated, is very important that the disease did not progress.

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