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Analytical PRESURGICAL in pets
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Analytical PRESURGICAL in pets



The health and welfare of pets is paramount, thus, once we have decided operate our pet, either because that's the solution to your illness (for example a breast tumor) why an accident (a bone fracture), or because it is the way to prevent future problems (For castrations), have to be insurance of your body is prepared for anesthesia a surgery.

The objective of presurgical analytics pet is anesthetized the animal with minimal risk, decreasing the maximum anesthetic problems.


And how can we know the health of your pet?


Performing a pre-anesthetic evaluation, which will be different depending on the animal's age and previous diseases have.

In an evaluation preanestésica, we can perform: a blood analysis , analytical urine, chest radiograph, abdominal ultrasound and electrocardiogram.

The blood test will guide us about the possibility of kidney problems, liver, etc ... that could complicate surgery. If we find:

  • we can arrive at a diagnosis of this new disease and treat
  • We may have to postpone surgery, if required
  • take special anesthetic precautions if this is not possible
Preoperative analitica pets

The blood test include pre-anesthetic blood count biochemistry:

CBC: Rate RBCs, and platelets.

– It serves, on the one hand, to know each other exists anemia. Severe anemia causes the tissues heal worse by lack of oxygen.

– Y, on the other hand, to see the platelet count, that guides us on how to coagulate each individual.

It also tells us whether there is an infection in the blood, apparently do not see in the animal.

Biochemistry: Measures organ function important body.

So with the parameters that assess the function of the kidneys and liver, fundamental bodies in the elimination of anesthetic, so we must make sure they are working properly. Also, kidneys, help us to know the amount of liquid that must pass during surgery, important to compensate bleeding and fluid loss from the wound opening.

Also alterations ions, and sodium or potassium, may affect the anesthetic management of patients.

The same goes glucose levels, also must be taken into account as they help us manage diabetic patients (having its peculiarities) diabetic animals or discover initial

And proteins, that indicate problems in healing the diseases diagnosed, as leishmania.

Hostal Pets, when the patient comes for surgery, is offered the possibility of a pre-anesthetic evaluation, particularly suitable to the patient.

For this, reduce the price of the preanesthetic blood tests, because we believe that the economic aspect should not make us take more risks than necessary in surgery. Analytical laboratory to have own, we can make these analytic the same day surgery, to have the most reliable results, and it also allows us to adjust the price to the maximum.

So if we apply chest radiograph, Ultrasounds, electrostatic and urine analysis preanesthetics.


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