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Allergies in Dogs

What is allergy?

Allergy in dogs is an exaggerated immune reaction of the body to the presence of certain agents that are normally innocuous (allergens) mites such as, EL Polen, some protein food or certain medications. This reaction is determined genetically, so we can talk about animals or breeds predisposed.


How it develops?
The allergen enters the body through three routes: inhalation, contact (through the skin and mucous membranes) e ingestión. Repeated exposure to it causes progressively greater allergic reaction is more or less severe symptoms.


• Scraping intense (face, ears, armpits, English, zona anal)
• Lamido limb
• Biting back-lumbar area, cola, paws, etc..
• Frequent Otitis
• Thickened skin and darker
• weak and dull hair
• Mal olor

Can allergies be prevented?

Yes, but this is necessary to identify the allergen by serological tests, intradermal or elimination diets (culling various dietary ingredients), in the case of food allergies. Once identified I avoid as much contact with this pet:

1. Mites: keep the environment free of dust where you live
2. Poland: avoiding walks in areas where pollen levels are higher or at times of highest concentration.
3. Fleas bite: keep the environment free of these parasites (You pulicidas).
4. Food proteins: manage a commercial hypoallergenic diet or avoid the ingredient involved.

Does treatment?

Also avoid contact with the allergen, should be administered to the animal a vaccine consisting of inoculation of increasing doses of the allergen to which the body gradually gets used to his presence and allow him to react to.

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